Howa 1500 and MTC Mamba


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Morning all, I'm probably overthinking this one and overlooking a simple solution but...

I've got a Howa .243 that has a Weaver type rail on it to accommodate the old scope.. Having just taken delivery of a new Mamba it has some decent looking rings with it that I'd like to use...trouble is they have an 11mm dovetail base that won't fit on the rail.

I've bought some other rings that fit on the rail but think they're sub-standard so I'd like to remove the rail, bin the replacement rings and keep it simple.

My main issue is trying to find a base (or two piece) that fits the Howa and will accommodate the MTC 11mm dovetail scope rings.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance...


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If it were me I'd look for some weaver rings to fit the existing rail and scope (30mm tube?).
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The Weaver system works so why not just get some decent weaver rings? What you are suggesting Chuck just doesn't make sense, 11mm dovetail rings are for airguns and some European rifles..


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Cheers chaps, I picked up some rings which seem to be doing the job, just unsure how long they'll last. Will have a scout around for some better quality ones and look to keep the rail then.

Was just looking to try and utilise the rings that came with the scope but seemed to be drawing a blank on mounting them to the rifle. Sod that for a bag of chips - I'll crack on with some better quality steel rings then.

Bug thumbs up for the nods chaps and appreciate the speedy response.