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For Sale: Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM

CDSG Shooting Sports


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For sale:

Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) muzzle-threaded 1/2UNF, bedded into Boyd's Laminate thumbhole stock (Pepper) with a basic adjustable butt-plate. Round count when I bought it was 300 (he logged his brass's reloading cycles) and I've added another 125 shots.

It has been a field not a range rifle and bears the usual signs of use (witness mark on barrel where rear bush of over-barrel mod sits (not stored with mod on), marks on stock and finish of the bottom metal). Feeds, fires and ejects fine. Three-position safety.

It has a 20MOA picatinny rail.

It has been a handy gun (nothing ever needed a second shot!) but I now have a semi-custom 284Win that fills the 7mm niche and a couple of 6.5mm rifles, so this is redundant.

The above is priced to reflect current difficult climate (I'm in a local "lockdown") £250, not including RFD fees.

Items below are not included in the above price but I'm happy to do a favourable deal for the dies, brass and bullets:

RCBS dies: Body, Neck and Seater:

Redding Bushing Body/Neck die and .310 Titanium nitride bushing:

Winchester Brass:

7mm Bullets:
50x 160gr Nosler Partition
100x 120gr Vmax
212x (21pulled) 139gr SST

Rifle Basic trigger:

UK only.
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All sold, thanks for all the interest; I think I have underpriced this, assuming the no- factory-ammo calibre would put people off!

Ah well, it frees up a slot for something else.
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