Howa barrled actions in 308 or 30-06 any good for range work


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What would howa be like for range work, also can they be fitted with a larger magazine rather than a 4 shot
I went shooting into europe and a larger magazine has its place in these circumstances




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Howa heavy barrel varmint is an extremely accurate rifle. I have one with a 10 shot detachable mag in a bell and carlson stock cloverleaf groups with factory ammo


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Here in oz we can get 10 shot magazine conversions for howa rifles but I think they only make them to suit 308 length cases.
We can also get 10 shot mags for tikka's in short medium and long actions lucky 7 is the brand. I'm guessing they are pretty common.
Another thought, I was looking in a gun mag last week and tikka had a new package t3 Ctr, 20 inch semi heavy barrel with 5/8 x24 muzzle thread. Comes in 308 and 260....................... Only a minor problem - tactical style rifle.unless that's what your after.


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Tikka and Steyr make a 10 round magazine for their bolt action rifles. With Steyr, because it latches at the bottom of the magazine on both sides, you have to fit an extension kit onto the bottom of the stock to take the long magazine. Comes in the long action as well as short.