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I am not sure if any one has covered this topic before so please forgive me if I am going over an old subject but I am looking to purchase a new
Stainless/Synthetic stocked rifle In .223.

A few weeks earlier I looked at a new Howa with the Houge over moulded
stock and it looked a well made rifle for the money.

Does anyone have any comments or advice from their experience of this make :???:

Cheers :)

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Don't own one myself, but I know a few people who do - they speak nothing but good.

As an alternative look at the Tikka T3 Hunter. I do have one of those (in .243) and have loved it from the moment it came out of the box.


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I have had a bit to do with the Howa rifles,

I have mates who have them in everything from 223 to 300WSM. Do you know how old the rifle is? The early one have a Butler creek plastic stock with a thin forend this was changed to a Butler creek stock with a wide forend (better suited for shooting off a rest or bag) these also have a three position safety the earlier rifles have a two position safety. As you mention the latest ones from Highland have a Houge overmolded stock.

The rifles are typically Japanese they took the best bits from the earlier Sako rifles and the best from a remmy 700 and came out with there own rifle. The action is flat bottomed with a built in recoil lug (easy to bed) the bolt fully encloses the cartridge case head and uses two locking lugs. It has a good size extractor (M16 type) in the bolt.

The triggers are usually good, out of 5 I have played with only one was a “bad one” I have adjusted them down to 1.5lbs (checked with a electronic force meter). There are after market triggers from Timney and Jewel.

The barrels need floating as they are pressure bedded at the end of the forend for a 1” (American Market) this is easy to do.

The accuracy has been good as they claim with 1 MOA being achievable out of the box the best one I have is my heavy barrel 223 varmint rifle with a T8 on this will turn in .25” groups. Even my 270 does .6” groups.

They take any mounts that will fit a Remmy 700 so loads of choice there.

The down side is they are a little heavy and no detachable mag’ as standard, but I know at least two companies that do a conversion to make then DM if you want one.

In conclusion good honest rifle that are strong with no faults. In destruction testing in Sweden they came out top with some of the European makes for staying together.

Personally of the new rifles out there I think there is nothing to touch them for the money.

Howa in a Bell and Carlson stock with a Timney trigger unit fitted.

Best rgds

Thank you Mole,300wsm, ssgpiv and Thar

Your comments are very helpful especially as you use them, it sounds like a well made good value rifle. :D

The one I looked at was a new one in .243 caliber, Synthetic houge stock
but not stainless, unfortunatley they had sold the .223 a few days before.

I know what you mean about leaving the mag in the safe I have done that a few times with my Tikka 650 .270 :oops:

Luckily my main stalking ground is on my doorstep so not too far to go back and get it :!:

Thar great set of pic's are they all your Howa's ? I am interested in the stock modification you mentioned if you have any more details to share.

I think I will place an order for a s/s .223 in the near future.

My next thought is do you know any good loads for the Howa .223?

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Fallow Stalker said:
Thank you Mole,300wsm, ssgpiv and Thar
Thar great set of pic's are they all your Howa's ? I am interested in the stock modification you mentioned if you have any more details to share.
No not all the Howas were mine but I have worked on them all in the pictures.

The Stock on my 270 is a Bell and Carlson Medalist ( has a aluminium chassis running from the rear sling point on the butt to the front one on the forend. This makes it as stiff a stock as you can get. The synthetic outer is just nice to hold. I had the outer synthetic covered with a finish called Maxx-Guard this is a rubber coating so the stock is none slip. This cost me £230 imported a couple of years ago, It did not make the rifle shoot that much more accurately but it did improve the felt recoil.

I then had the barrelled action Du-coated to match the stock.

Best rgds



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Pete E said:

Whats the coating on the scope??
Hi Pete

It some stuff called "snake skin" you wrap it round your scope ect, heat it up with a hair drier it then srinks round the scope ect. I have some spare, next time you are passing to your stalking you are welcome to pop in and pick some up if you like.

Best rgds

Hi Thar

Looks like a good bit of kit, I had looked into getting a Synthetic stock
for my old Tikka .270 and a gunshop owner who visits the factory in
Finland inquired for me, but was told they don't produce one for the older
models :(

I had a look at those German gun saftey test videos :!: :!:

:eek: Bloody Hell Not going to buy a Browning A bolt or Remmy

It's a Howa for me


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Fallow Stalker,

At least McMillan is producing synthetic stocks for Tikka M65. If you visit their pages you can find them under Sako stocks. Those stocks are quite expensive but very good.


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Ahhhh I know its my young Finnish friend who may now not get the Tikka M65. Fandango put you up to this, I hope he freezes his nuts off :lol:
"Ahhhh I know its my young Finnish friend who may now not get the Tikka M65. Fandango put you up to this, I hope he freezes his nuts off"

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Thank God that is sorted out! I thought it was going to kick off again. :D I hope you are enjoying your Finnish trip Carl. Good luck on the Whitetail.