Hows your do season

monty the stalker

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Well every one,

Hows the doe season going?

For me and the team the weather is killing it, too much rain, snow and mostly misty days are holding things up. :cry: Only getting about 2 - 3 days a week were would normally like at least 4 -5 days if only to stop the other half giving me a list of jobs to do instead of being out on the ground.

Deer are running well, coming in with good weights and still got some fairly good levels of fat around the kidneys. :lol:

What sort of price are people currently getting per kg for roe, we are only getting £2.00/kg and only 50% of that if below 9kgs with feet and head off. :cry:


The last two times I have been out it was raining and the Roe stayed away. Its made me realise the impossibility of trying to manage ground three and a half hours away. You just cannot recover if the weather turns bad.
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