HPC a go-go


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I've watched the nuclear industry wither and die in Dorset......loss of some great engineers, chemists and facilities as work was hived off, sub contracted out, tendered to foreign companies and the whole knowledge base we had shrink away under the blizzard of cut backs, rationalisation, cost cutting and penny pinching....

Now we say yes to what could possibly be the biggest gamble with our independence and national security.....allowing the French to build and the Chinese (Yes those lovely Mao suited rogues in the East who allegedly aren't averse to a little cyber espionage) to supply our next generation of nuclear power generation. Can you imagine the trillions of lines of embedded code the Chinese will program into the essential control systems of a nuclear reactor and "accidentally" have a back door to access at a time of national crisis?

Maybe I've been watching too many espionage conspiracy thrillers!!

In their defence they did rescue Matt Damon from having to eat poo grown spuds for the rest of his life! :???:


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Forgot to say the de-commissioning of Winfrith has brought us some amazing 13 pointer fluorescent Sika stags over the South Dorset heathland though!


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The country that brought you the 2CV ,brings you nuclear power ,paid for by the supplier of poundland quality tools .Im sure thats a recipe ,oh silly me yes a recipe for disaster:cuckoo:

Hornet 6

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Why are we so reliant on the French for our electricity and water ?
A country that supported and helped the wrong side during the Falklands conflict.

Neil. :)


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It all boils down to costs

Wrong in opinion when we lose reliance for basics as power n water to a foreign entity he as well get rid of all and any armed forces if someone else controls the basics



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Personally I could not believe the stupidity of that decision.

Why would we not design and build ourselves. The building of a stronger trading relationship with the Chinese is positive for UK, but why on earth would we think a nuclear power plant the right vehicle to use for that?

Better blow the dust off my Linguaphone 'Teach yourself Mandarin' records.
Why are we so reliant on the French for our electricity and water ?
A country that supported and helped the wrong side during the Falklands conflict.

Neil. :)
+1 But it's because somebody somewhere got well paid. You only have to look in various areas to see it staring you in the face. Take over of National water by companies,ie Birmingham water paid for by residents and got for nothing by Severn Trent. Closure of Mental hospitals, put them out into the community,then flog the site off for Spec housing. I can think of at least three incidences of this in my home area.
Sorry but the "Frogs" will always be near the top of my hate list for supplying those exocets and you still can't drink most of their water from the tap.
We saved their skins twice and they still hate us very similar to one of our own Union countries in their outlook of me,me,me.



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Sorry but the "Frogs" will always be near the top of my hate list for supplying those exocets
Well, at the risk of sounding argumentative I have to point out that the UK supplied Bin Laden with a fair few Stinger Ground-to-Air missiles and other stuff-that-went-bang back in the day when he was still in the Good Lads Club through the Mujahadeen) I think the British Army also spent a fair old while training them, too. Of course, that was before they decided to become Al Queda and throw their toys out of the pram . . . . . .


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Look on the bright side, with the current trend to remake old films. Now we can have a new French Connection and China Syndrome.. Ah.. Meryl Streep :love:. :D

I am against it too many things to go wrong...
The chinese are investing £6bn to HPC, and £12bn to SZC, for that contribution they will be allowed to supply a reactor for Bradwell B which is a reverse engineered EPR as per Taishan. Their carrot is to get a UK kitemarked reactor which they will be able to sell all over the planet to countries that dont have the the same standard of regulation as the UK. Cyber security experts will examine "every line of code" in all power plants and the ONR will make sure its safe. They will mostly be "built" by british sub contractors and will ensure a safe supply of clean energy. Lets not forget we also have american and japanese reactors in the pipeline.


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Then we get the chance of a Chernobl or a ****u shima happening on our doorstep for when the maintanance costs are too high and the political pennypinchers get the power to decide what"s best for their party election chances things will slide.
End storage for used isotopes is not even clear around Europe yet and the nimbys are rightfully worried.
Retrograde step IMO.