Huge thank you to Addenbrooks Hospital


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Had the call every parent/grandparent dreads Thursday night my eldest grandson <18 years old> was in a bad rtc on a moped and was in Bedford hospital .By the time me n the son in law got on the road he was moved to Addebrooks in Cambridge.Despite their best efforts he passed away at 06.36am Saturday from a very bad brain injury .
The level of care ,attention and support was amazing so again Thanks to all staff ,nurses and doctors in the Neurology care dept at Addenbrookes hospital Cambridge and rip Nylo much missed cheeky lad


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Utterly shocked to hear this. Tragic waste of young life. Our thoughts are with you and you family at this difficult time. If there's owt we can do, you know where we are.

(Agree with you re: Addenbrookes. My dad spent a lot of time there towards the end of his life. They were amazing!)


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Not sure what or how to make a reply to your loss.....

But I am sitting and thinking of you and your family.



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Very sorry to hear this. Your daughter has made a hard but very kind and life changing decision for somebody else's and their family. Hopefully she may get some small comfort from that.


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Terrible news but wonderful that your daughter was able to make the hard decision to use something so tragic to help others. Whatever the circumstances, donors change lives in such a positive way and i hope that thought will bring some comfort to you all at such a difficult time.

Best wishes from the Cottis household

the scudd

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so sorry for your loss, i lost a brother in similar circumstances over 20 years ago, his organs were donated. it must be an awful decision to have to make. best wishes

jimmy milnes

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I've tried to find the words to say to you as it's just neither natural or right for kids to pass before parents or grandparents but words fail me
So so sorry for your families loss.