Huge thank you to Addenbrooks Hospital


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I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

Wonderful that some good was able to come out if it...I have just checked my wallet to make sure my Donor card is still present and legible...



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I know that irrespective of what I say there is nothing that will make this time any better or easier.
I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you, Nylo and the rest of Nylo's family


mel b3

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I'm so sorry to read your heartbreaking post lain . No words can make things better ,but we'll all say a prayer for your family tonight mate.


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There are no words adequate for this, please know our thoughts are with you and all your family.
Many a time as family become mechanically mobile I have been pleased to hear the door opening or a bedroom door closing as they get in. So sorry Tom


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No parent or grandparent should have to bury their young ones.
I cannot imagine your grief.
May god bless your young man.
Simply terrible Tozzy


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I’m sorry to hear that tozzybum, please accept my apologies for Nylo.