Hullo - new member from Oxfordshire/Paris

Ned S

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Hi all- another newbie here!

Am based In Paris where I work as a surveyor, however home is Oxfordshire. I shoot extensively in the uk and Europe and have done for years. Have stalked for over 10 years and enjoy a couple of days per year in Scotland and a few driven boar days in France plus pigeon decoying etc. Currently looking to improve my roe experience as have only ever really stalked reds so if anyone has any suggestions or availability for an evening or morning roe stalk in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area then please get in contact. No particular interest in trophies - just after on the ground experience after Roes. No stalking rifle currently, Hoping to change this next year. Happy to swap a bottles of something nice to anyone who can help out.




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Hi Ned

Welcome and enjoy your time.

Shame you just missed out on a 'get together' of local SD members early July. Sure another will be organised soon.

Ciao, L

Ned S

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Thanks for the messages - lots of good info on this site. I cook a lot so may post a few recipes/ideas for game and venison over the coming weeks. Just finished air drying a batch of lomo/lonza which is so easy and has turned out perfectly. I also make daft amounts of biltong.