humane destruction

Remington 700

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General exceptions to certain provisions of the Deer Act 1991“(4)

A person shall not be guilty of an offence under section 4(1) or (2) above by reason
of the use of any reasonable means for the purpose of killing any deer if he reasonably
believes that the deer has been so seriously injured, otherwise than by his unlawful act, or is
in such condition, that to kill it is an act of mercy.”.

Humane Detruction

Can someone please clarify that this does / does not include .22 rimfire.

I believe that this is now permitted as of 1st Oct 2007, but an Accredited Witness told me that it is still only deer legal calibers that are permitted.

Who is right?


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The 2007 Act is at

“(4A) In subsection (4) above, “any reasonable means” means any method of killing a deer that can reasonably be expected to result in rapid loss of consciousness and death and which is appropriate in all the circumstances (including in particular what the deer is doing, its size, its distance from the closest position safely attainable by the person attempting to kill the deer and its position in relation to vegetative cover).”

If you think a 22rim fire is adequate you can use it, on the smaller deer it will be adequate for point-blank head shot, perhaps on a large red it may struggle, any one with any experience? My choice is a 410".


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I have been called out twice this week and took my .22RF with me.

Half way there to the first, I thought sh*t the ground is frozen so not so good for ricochet 40gr's from a RF. [fortunately the deer had hobbled away before I got there so didn't use it]

CJM is 100% accurate. I take anything from a knife to my 6.5x55 dependant on species, terrain etc


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Elma FUD 8)
.222cf , is min in England wales for roe /cwd muntjac now ! at least that's what we got from BDS on my DSC1 , I put down .240 ! on my questions page 99.9 % with other students !!!. WRONG . Legislation came into effect in October 2008 I believe .!Hey if that's all well, we was robbed ! :lol: Because our course was in July!.so .240 applied!!! 8)
So my .22 rim fire is not legal to take deer!But apparently you can dispatch with it!!.Humanly .