Humberside firearms dept !!!!


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Is it general that certificate reminders are no longer sent out or is it just Humberside area ?
Today talking to a chap who's had shotguns from the time when you paid 7/6 at post office his cert runs out on 13th jan and has phoned the police HQ to be told there was no one available in firearms dept several times .
I suggested that he must lodge his guns with either a dealer or a mate with spare space in his cupboard before that date or risk having his guns carted off.
Since he is retired and lives for shooting wildfowl and woodies he is not a happy bunny.
anyone else had similer trouble with Humberside as this is the second case I have heard of.
I'm not reminded when I've needed to renew. Don't see how it affects anyone. Same as MOT and Driving Licence photo renewal, or Passport renewal. You are the adult. If too old to be capable then that opens a different issue.



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Cumbria always remind you. But with the squeeze on finances to police forces of late, I'm not surprised if some don't. Although it'll be more hassle for them (and of course the cert. holder) as more people will forget.


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As far as I know it's down to the license holder to put in the renewal documents in a timely manner and is not the responsibility of the licensing authority. Though it's apparent that some authorities are pro active and do send reminders.

It's just part of the process that is a farce, what is the hardship in sending out reminders?
It's a bit like it says in my conditions that I must take all reasonable care in the security of my license and any purchases or sales must be notified to them by recorded or tracked post, yet they post the licenses out to me by 2nd class standard mail, so where's the security of my license from them?