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I have the option to go deer hunting in Colorado later this year. From reading the state website it appears that before a license can be obtained a "Hunter Education Certificate" is required.

The site implies that a "hunting license" from England is acceptable as a subsitute - However no actual examples are stated and I am unclear what they are refering too.

Is this a DSC1 or some other cert?

All comments, ideas or experiance welcome.



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I would guess and it is only a guess that dsc1 would fit the bill. Can't think they're looking for anything more advanced.


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This is from the Colorado Department of Wildlife Site.

"A hunting license from any of the following countries (they don’t issue "hunter education cards"): Australia, Austria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland. The Division of Wildlife will evaluate hunter education and hunting license information from other countries on an individual basis. Please fax (303/291-7113) or mail (Colorado Division of Wildlife, Attn: Hunter Education Section, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216) copies of your information well in advance of your desired hunting season."

It looks like you could just fax or mail a copy of your license and they would tell you if it was acceptable.

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I'm not at all sure that all of the countries listed have a formal hunting licence gained by examination (New Zealand for example) so maybe either your FAC would count as a hunting licence or something like a UK Game Licence might be put forward.

If I am wrong and all of these countries have a hunting licence based on examination then it would have to be DSC1.


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Thanks for the input. I read the HE rules and have faxed over my FAC and am awaiting a reply - on the basis that the UK does not give a hunters certificate but that permission to hunt is acombination of Police permission, via the FAC and the landowners permission with whatever constraints they wish.

I will post the result