Hunters book club !

Another good one I am reading at the moment - The White Bushman by Peter Stark. I am only part way through so far but it is brilliant. Lots of tips and advice and a lot of entertaining stories about Namibia.

Was recommended to me by a PH who said it was his favourite book.
I did a bit of an eBay buying spree the other night and got the Jim Corbett omnibus and capstick death in the long grass. Looking forward to reading them and then trying to get some other suggestions on this thread!
As has already been mentioned Wilbur Smith Novels, starting with “When the Lion Feeds”.

Wilbur was born and grew up in what is now Zambia and thoroughly understands the rhythm of the bush. He hunted himself. For those of us who know central Africa many of characters are very much based on people who actually existed.

If you only are just discovering them you have huge amounts of fun ahead of you.

I first got to know them as a boy, and throughout my life family members have been accused of suffering from Wilburitus. Shortly after a new one was published members of the family would disappear until they read the latest book from cover to cover.

In his latter years he still had lots of stories to tell and he sketched these out and others have taken up his style and filling in the details and keeping the stories going.

My other favourites are:

Peter Haterway Capstick - whether or not they are true is irrelevant- they are good stories.

Laurence Van Der Post - “Story Like the Wind” and “A Far Off Place”. Quite dense, but beautifully written. Sort of book to read slowly and savour. Or read many times.

John Gordon Davies - “Hold my Hand I’m Dying” - based in Rhodesian bush mixes hunting and the war and how a beautiful place is torn apart.

Or on Kindle, EC Hunter - A River of Bones. Kindle