Available: Hunting in October in Hungary


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[h=2]October wild boar,Red deer and Muflon in Hungary Forestry Commison[/h] Hi

We offering Wild boar Red deer and Muflon hunting in one of the best forestry commission area of Hungary.The over all forestry is one block of forest around 30000 Hectares and we will hunting in the heart of this forest around 7000 Hectares.4 day 3 night shooting including outing fees, accommodation, breakfast,dinner,airport transfer,hunting permit and insurance 500 EURO.The accommodation is a traditional hunting cottage in middle of the forestry where you can hunting from your balcony.The wild life is amazing there boars starts move before the night and you can stalk them in the morning with huge success.The hunting ground not over hunted and only 45 minutes drive from Budapest airport.

Extra days 100 EURO

Available dates under the full moon:

05-8 October
28 October-01 November

Shooting fees

Wild boar

piglet 120 EURO
pig 180 EURO
Sow 250 EURO
up to 12 cm tusk 300 EURO

up to 15 cm tusk 400 EURO

up to 17 cm tusk 650 EURO

up to 19 cm tusk 850 EURO

Red deer

up to 4 kg 700 EURO
up to ​5 kg 1000 EURO
up to 6 kg 1600 EURO

Muflon Ram

up to 60cm 800 EURO
up to 70cm 1250£
up to 80 cm 2000£

If you ave any question please contact me on 07780006587 phone number.

Thanks George