Available: Hunting in Spain - Cantabrian Chamois

The Cantabrian Chamois is the smallest subspecies of chamois in the world, both in body and trophy size. The Cantabrian mountain range is undoubtedly the most beautiful landscape in Spain for lovers of mountains and nature, as well as having exceptional gastronomy. In addition, our accommodations are always the best close to our hunting grounds and our clients will have a top experience outside of hunting as well. The hunt takes place in the breathtaking landscapes of Riaño, Mampodre, Somiedo, and Picos de Europa. Renowned for its agility and elusiveness, the Cantabrian chamois inhabits the rugged mountains and steep cliffs of these regions, providing hunters with a challenging and exhilarating hunting experience.

As hunters navigate the rugged terrain in pursuit of the Cantabrian chamois, they will be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding with towering peaks and lush valleys, with opportunities to spot other wildlife such as red deer, roe deer, and even the elusive Cantabrian brown bear. It´s a high mountain hunt that requires good physical condition, but we have different hunting grounds to adapt to the clients needs. For the most daring, we offer the opportunity to sleep in the mountains either in a shelter or a tent and start hunting at dawn. A unique hunting experience that every mountain hunting lover should experience at least once in their life. We offer serious and professional treatment, always putting the client's well-being and satisfaction above all.

- Representative (close to bronze medal) 3500€
- Bronze Medal 4000€
- Silver Medal 4500€
- Gold Medal 5000€​

Daily Rate 400€
Includes: Hotels, meals, picking up and travels during the hunt (new toyota Hilux) and rifle rental + ammo.

For any questions or queries for additional information, please do no not hesitate to contact us.


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