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Should BASC THE BDS SACS AND all the other organisations be getting together and create a hunting museum some thing we as hunters can go and visit. Look at all the fantastic trophy's of the past British and world records old rifles pistol and everything else that goes with hunting to day and in our history.
Other country have them and they are visited bt 10.s of thousands of people. :eek:


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I think that's an excellent idea.

How far does the Royal Armouries in Leeds go to fulfill this role...I've never been.


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Visited the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds last week, very good indeed, the memsahib and daughter enjoyed it also.
BASC already have a very interesting collection at Marford mill.


Is this a proper hunting museum that the hunting public and other interested people can go and see 8x 57 or is it just a collection .


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There is no defined Hunting Museum to my knowledge in the UK, although I agree we could do with one.

I am unaware of the collection at Marford Mill, but I doubt it would come up to half way with the collection Kenneth Whitehead had amassed. Unfortunatly this collection is now in pieces, with only the library intact, the remaining part of the antler and trophy collection has been sold off and is now spread around the world. Absolute disgrace this should have happened.

If you want to see full mounts and firearms, particularly to do with Africa and Asia big game hunting try visiting

Opening and running a museum is a bit different these days believe me, I have worked in one for 35 years!!


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If they don't get their collective acts together it may well be the only thing they are capable of running in the near future :evil:
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