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Hi folks, just editing this post as I've got to scoot over to deal with some hyaena's (again) - seems an American Hunter fancied a bit of hyaena hunting and his PH took him to Stillerus, one of our farms on the Etosha Boarder.

Anyway, our American friend (not one of my hunters) sat and watched as two large groups of Hyaena came through and past them, total of 17 came past, and matey didn't take a single shot, not one! Next day 4 cattle had been killed by them and the farmer is out of pocket twice, once for the lack of trophies shot and secondly from the loss of livestock.

It's a problem and it looks like I'll be taking a flyer to help sort it out (besides, there's a problem lion nearby and if there's one thing I love it's lion hunting!

Possibly flying out on Friday 8th.....

Back shortly!
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