hybrid 100v powder


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hello all
i am thinking of changing powders from VARGET to HYBRID 100V the data given by HODGONS shows greater velocity and lower pressures for this powder.

i have a couple of questions if anybody could answer that would be great the rifle i am using is a Sako 85 varmit 20" heavy barrel in .243 win

1/as HYBRID 100V is a spherical/ball powder would a mag primer be better than standard primer on this powder
2/ is this powder for the longer barreled rifles 24-26" in length or will it work ok in my 20"
3/ is this a clean burning powder
4/ anything else anybody who is using this powder could tell me

thanks ..............neil


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Hi Neil,
This hybrid powder is slow burning amd i believe it has quite hi load wieghts. so it should be a lot better than the varget in your .243

I have found that my loads with old slow burning nobel powders are faster and more accurate than the N140 loads. In my.243 which has a really short barrel.

It is pretty common practise than with spherical powder loads with hodgdon powders that magnum primers are recomended.



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Hello Neil,

I know nothing about this powder other than what I have read according to Chris Hodgdon at this years shot show it is of course absolutely wonderful. Over on The Snipers Hide they are talking about it and it would seem that swampy is right about the weight density. Hodgdons' own Burn Rate Chart show it to be slightly slower than H4350.

You had best buy yourself a pound of this and enlighten the rest of us :D



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good show

I was going to add that i have had best accuracy success in compressed or full case loads in the past. hodgdon state that at max this is a compressed load.

i think it is exruded and not sperical, if so standard Large Rifle Primers would be in order.

I am keen to see how this goes, it must be a slow burner, i bet it will be good in .30-06 and 270



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i was lead to believe that it was more sperical not extruded so the other way around "i am going to find out for us all"..neil