Hybrid rutting call?


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What noise would a Red/Sika stag make during the rut? Roar or whistle? Or some weird cross noise?



Paul at Fechan

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depends what vocals they can do, red looking hybrids might not be able to whistle in the same ways that sika looking hybrids might not be able to roar. If I saw a sika roar or a red whistle they'd be getting one anyway!


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There's a woman at Sussex uni called Megan Wyman who has done a PhD on sika/red hybridisation, and one of her areas of investigation was the calling/roaring. I think she has either just published or is about to publish the results to this very question - and if I remember right, it's not quite as straightforward as you'd expect.


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Shurely a hybrid will produce something between a roar and a whistle, i.e. either a rhistle or a woar???

Apologies; it is Monday morning