Hyper Velocity .22LR


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I have a semi auto Tippman M4 I use for plinking and small game.

It shoots pretty damn well with subsonics and have found a round it likes - Fiocchi subsonic.

I'd like to look into finding a supersonic round it like and if i'm going to break the sound barrier i'd rather be in for a penny and in for a pound and get the most velocity I can.

I've heard CCI stingers are about as accurate as Cummings eye checks so can anyone suggest other rounds?

Velocitors at 1450fps?

Would have bought some boxes to try but all 3 of my local gun shops are pretty much dry on .22lr - looks like the ammo shortage is hitting out shores.



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Try Winchester Laser . I use them in a bolt action CZ and they group well.

Velocity is quoted as 1370 f.p.s.; I find that anything faster won't hold a decent group probably due to the rate of barrel twist.

dan giliballs

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I had a lantac m4, it loved cci, main issue is bolt carrier is boarder line with subs unless it’s fettled, works as well with Winchester with the occasional jam which was more down to mag


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I have a Tippman M4, it's cycled everything I've fed it flawlessly to be fair, including three or four brands of subs.