I am not sure if this is truly Fugly but


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It has a certain dark attraction. Assuming it's a shotgun / rifle combination, how would it present as a shotgun? (I know very little about shotguns, other than it wasn't until I bought one that I discovered pigeons could sneer!)


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If it was 2 x rifle chamberings I think it might be!

Oh my.

What on earth would you use it for??
A modern take on the traditional bockbuschflinte? I have a Blaser ES67 in 12b/.243 and it's a handy gun to be walking around the farms with.

It's not my cup of tea as it stands with a 20b and 5.6x50 Mag combination, but with 2 x 7x64 or similar I think it might have the makings of a handy mountain or upland rifle (provided the accuracy was there with the 60cm barrels).

It's still fugly though.