I can`t unscrew my moderater.

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In the six weeks that i have had my 243, i`ve took the moderater off three may be four times for cleaning purposes.
Having fired a few target rounds today, i thought a wipedown was in order but i can`t unscrew the mod from the end of the barrel.
It`s a wildcat, predator 8 moderater.
Is it safe to put gentle pressure on it in a vice and twist the rifle or should i let the gunshop see to it. I have unscrewed the end section and put some oil in to try to aid loosening it.
Anyone got some advice please?
Thanks, basil.


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Get someone to hold the Butt end, then you unscrew the moderator, that's what I've done inthe past.

If that still doesn't work, still get someone to hold the butt end and get a pair of Adjustable Jaws, use them to clamp the BUSH PART of the moderator (The bit that has the thread) as this is the strongest part of the moderator, then unscrew. It might scrape the black paint a little though but nothing to worry about, just usa a moderator neoprene cover to hide it.

Good Luck.


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I cant unscrew my moderator

Bit of a bummer bas: but like Tartinjock says it should come off with a bit of persuasion, you can't do much harm and given the time you've had it it shouldn't be seized up solid. When you do get it off always make sure you put a wipe of thin grease or oil on the threads, it will save any futher problems. Good luck.


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Hi Basil,

I would try and avoid a vice at all costs, nip to Halfords or similar and buy a strap wrench designed for removing oil filters off cars that should do the trick without wrecking your mod.



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I take mine off every time i have finished shooting,whether I take a shot or not Bas.If you dont,you stand the chance of damaging the thread on your barrel..............Martin.


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If you can't get to Halfords. look at one of your leather belts and see if it is rough on the inside.
If you have one, just wet it slightly and put that round the body of the Moderator and grip it tight and turn.
Good Luck.


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It might be worth a try with a strap wrench before you go down the route of the stilsen. You might be surprised how much torque you can get with a good strap wrench. The pipe wrench may leave unsightly tool marks if you aren't carefull.



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No i haven`t yet, it`s worrying me as i can`t afford to replace any damage. The barrel isn`t stainless and the mod is a Wildcat, predater 8.


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All the time the rifle has been in the cabinet (mod upwards) i kept the wd40 going in. I guess i could be a little more "agressive" with it but, as i`m sure you understand, with my inexperience, knowing how agressive i can be is what i`m unsure about. I reckon i`ll call the gunshop tomorrow, it may be a teething problem with the Howa rifle.


I agree take the mod off each time as you can also end up with small amounts of wd or any other lube you use down the barrel this will lead to corrosion and will cause zero problems.
I would use the vice placing the rifle barrel firmly in the vice then turn the moderator. Make sure your rifle barrel is protected with soft jaws on the vice eg wood lead.


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I have just re read the whole of this post and realised I must have missed some in my first read. Obviously you now realise that you should remove your moderator every time you take your rifle out, irrespective of whether you fire it or not, and give the crown and threads a wipe down, with an oily rag. Remember though wipe the oil off with a clean rag, you will not remove it all.

I was told recently by a person who during his gunsmith training was told, to apply as much oil as he liked, but to be sure to remove it all. Apparently even though it looks to you as if you have taken away all the protection and or lubrication you have not. It seems that sufficient protection is measured in microns which is enough to protect your threads etc but not enough to become a flypaper for all sorts of rubbish.

Anyway I digress, I see that while you have been storing your gun, moderator up, you have been feeding it WD40, this I take it in the hope of maintaining a lubrication /protection scheme. I'm just wondering how much crud has found it's way into your barrel and how much is loitering around the crown to be forming this "loctite" grip on it. You have had all the advice that seems to be appropriate in the circumstances, if it was me I would fire off a few quick rounds to heat things up in there, and then go for the strap wrench. If that did not work I would take it to a gunsmith and let him have a look, he would probably have the solution and the tools to achieve it.

All you have to do then is clean the barrel, you may need to talk to Griff.



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The only other thing you could try is Kroil. You can get it from Reloading solutions. Allegedly it can get into 1 millionth of an inch spaces so it may be worth a try. That said I know of a Steyr scout not too far from here that has the mod chemically welded to the muzzle. The smiths advice was to leave it on and shoot the barrel out as the thin barrel just would not stand up to the torque of the savage removal methods needed. The owner never removed it apparently.
I once removed some very badly rusted in choke tubes in a Browning by immersing the end of the barrels in a pint of diesel. That may be an option too (and cheaper than kroil) but for gawds sake if it does work painstakingly remove all traces of diesel from the mod before firing! Use carb cleaner or similar that will clean and then evaporate.




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Moddy Stuck

Here is aone for you,

Try an oil filter removal strap from your local Halfords or mechanic mate (everyone should have one, especaily those with Land Doggers)

This will remove without damaging in no time at all.

Hope this helps.

(Just reailise this had already been suggested, DOH!)


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Thankyou for all your replies. I`m having someone look at it tomorrow.
If that fails then it`s off to the gunsmiths tomorrow afternoon.


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Good news guys, i got the mod off, and no damage!!
We did use a vice though, as i said to Kevin (the chap who helped me) the longer it`s on there the worse it`ll get, so if i damage the mod, so be it.
Anyway, a two hour soak in diesel, enough pressure in the vice just to hold it and it unscrewed with a bit of bully.
I have to check the zero tomorrow and make sure all is ok, but it does look like i`ve had a lucky escape.
Thank you for all your help and sugestions guys, you are top men.
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