I feel confident that it was a pass


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Good afternoon ladies and gents. I'm not sure if you have been keeping up with my progression during the dsc but the time finally caught up and I sat it this weekend.

The BASC training manual is great and the course is good also but I believe I could not have done it without the aid of the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Training - Home learning website. The ability to test oneself was a real asset, that and forum member SI texting me With questions every chance he got kept me on my feet and also brought to my attention the need to study again.

Officially I don't know how I have got on and maybe I'm jumping the gun..... but, was really happy with my question bank and my tuition from BASC and in particular Peter pursglove our course tutor.

The shooting test had me literally bricking it but luckily I tested my zero the night before and practiced the sitting position at 70yards. Peters experience was facinating as he called my shots just by watching my shooting technique (and he was correct too) He also, after the course told me I need to practice my trigger pull as I tend to snatch, something I wasn't aware of and thank his brutal honesty as something I need to practice or maybe go back to basics and take a course on shooting. I'm practically self taught with little tips picked up along the way and it would seem I have also picked up bad habits too.

All in all I really enjoyed my experience and the company I was with. In particular a gentleman named Mat (I think, im terrible with names and i was under pressure to keep more important info locked inside) who was sitting the course and who was part of the BASC research team, he was a very pleasant bloke who was very intelligent and it was obvious he was dedicated to his sport, job and passion.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the bursary from the forum staff to the staff at BASC and any member who helped along the way. It is very much appreciated. If any members are going through their dsc and are struggling and would like someone to talk to about the process don't hesitate to pm me.

Now for the future of my stalking career I will be joining wingy a site member for a weekends stalk on the syndicate he invited me to join and hopefully I can put my new knowledge to good use. Unfortunately I think we might just miss the roe rut as we are going up in two week. If the wee beasts are thin on the ground tired afyer rutting hard we can always do some ground work and help ourselves for the oncoming doe season with general maintenance to highseats and doe boxes.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting.

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Well done - sure it will be fine.

Thank you for sharing the experience. No matter how much various providers contribute to the forum, genuine feedback seems more helpful to others in the middle of doing or considering doing DSC1.


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Nice one buddy, how did my trusty Leupold perform?

I'd of been better with open sights ;-p

thank you for borrowing me that, funnily enough someone had the same scope and he rates it also.