I had a few blank days, to this beautiful beast.


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My First Deer :D

Got a call from the syndicate coordinator, that the deer are showing them self regularly at one particular site and he would like me to accompany him so I can take my first beast.

Sat in the high seat around 5.20 am, 40-60 min into it two Canada Geese landed between the duck pond and the high seat in the background you could hear two wood peckers going at a tree.
That particular moment I realized why I love stalking and any deer counted for would be an added bonus.

Around 6.15 to the left I saw deer coming out of the bushes got myself ready and could not get my cross hairs steady due to the adrenaline with every heart beat the cross hairs would move horrendously. (At this stage I said to myself I cannot take the shot)

After minute or so the buck started walking towards the high seat and then turned again making his way towards the Salt Lick. At this stage the adrenaline calmed down, Tony said if you can, take the shot. Autopilot kicked in, put the cross hairs just behind the shoulder pulled the trigger, the buck pulled the front legs in and leaped forward.

Found the buck 100m from where I shot it on the floor kicking, gave him 10min and he was dispatched.

Now the hard work start had to drag him 200m uphill which took me good 40-50min. (realized how unfit I am)

Gun used: Blaser R93
calibre: .308 - Federal 150gr



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Wow what a nice buck especially as it's your first. I know what you mean about being out and experiencing the countryside and wildlife as that's what gets me out of bed on those cold early mornings.


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What a great buck.
Make the most of it, it's unlikely you will shoot too many more like that.