I have the face.... for radio!

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Think it equally applies to both John & me to be honest - glare off John's 'solar panel' plays as much havoc with film cameras as the shadows cast by my power band.

So we were very pleased to help out with a request from Donald Shields of Monster FM to do a segment for his Wildlife show - it runs on Sunday evenings through September.

Donald was a very interesting guy and a pleasure to work with - I'll confess to only having listened to his show after his contact - but it is interesting and well balanced.

John played the usual role of 'boss' by standing back and alternately glaring at me/ holding his face in his hands/ checking the terms of his Liability Insurance whilst I waffled into the mike. I just hope my broad Highland accent is understandable...

Naturally we got Donald to shoot something -

Monster FM 300813 003.jpg

Monster FM is online and on 106.1 FM in the Inverness area.

In our relentless pursuit to make Hello magazine, we're also on BBC Alba 'From Harris with Love'. The series starts on Monday 16th September and we are due on in Episode 5. You'll be amazed by my prowess in speaking fluent, flawless Gaellic ( but only on technical words like Sako, Swarovski etc :D )
Ciamar a tha thu Andy?

I'll tune in to that BBC Alba programme, apparently TV cameras add 10 lbs to a person, which is why I try to avoid them myself.

I found out that for us living in the expensive, over-populated cesspool of England's South-East, Monster.FM is available online too.

DSC 1 cert arrived today. Have arranged a two day Fallow stalk in Sussex with Sikamalc in March.

Bogtrotter, Andy is also proficient in various forms of abusive sign language too. :finger::cuckoo::banghead:

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No it was a neutered Aardvark in answer to your query...

You'll have a good time with Malc - let us know how you get on.

That sign language wasn't abusive, I was signally 'contact left', on me and contact RALONGS for fire mission. ;)
Is there no end to your talent, now you have upgraded to a radio face. :D:D.

There have been much, MUCH worse! Nicknames that is.

JAYB - not sure its a question of where my talent (s ) end so much; as begin! ;)