I just want to pass on knowledge: Must be getting old?

Hello to all,

As new memebers all are asked to introduce themselves, I thought about "What to say?" as a self-introduction a bit. It was while thinking about this that I realized: I'm getting old! The one desire that I have is to just pass on some of the knowledge and experiences gained in a hunting career that goes back for more than 50 years. Yes, I am older, by many standards, but still young at heart! My saying that I'm must be getting old stems from the realization that my son is grown and will learn little more about hunting from me. My grandsons are still too young to actually hunt themselves - even though they think so! At ages between 4 and 6 years old, they have already developed a strong desire to go hunting with Grandpa. Soon, very soon! So in these in-between years I want to pass on knowledge and experience to as many young hunters as poossible. I still remember how I longed for advice and guidance in my youn hunting days> gained much from my father, but longed for more! And I still long for more: I still want to also learn a lot about how other people in other countries and from other cultures do their hunting.

So what can an aged South African hunter contribute to the general knowledge of members and participants of The Stalking Forum? Certainly nothing about how to stalk deer in the UK! But I do believe that for some I can add value to your own knowledge by sharing some ideas about planning and budgeting for expenses associated with their chosen passion: Stalking, which we here would roughly translate to "hunting". In particular I can be of some value to those who are dreaming of stalking, or hunting, in Africa! But to anyone dreaming of stalking anywhere in the world I am sure that the knowledge gained while planning my own hunting trips on a shoestring budget can be of some value to your own planning.

But that is enough about me to start a few conversations?

In good hunting.

Andrew McLaren


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Hi Andrew,
Nice to see another very experienced guy from the southern hemisphere,
Just been the once to your world hunting and it was fantastic and would love to go again when work and other factors become more favourable,
I look forward to reading your posts and welcome.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the site!

I travel back and forth to South Africa every couple of months at the moment but have yet to get round to organising some sport there - one of these days I'll do it, it's a beautiful country. It's great hearing about hunting elsewhere in the world as we do tend to focus on our own little patch, sometimes perhaps a bit too much.

I'm sure you'll find the members of the site helpful, knowledgeable and fun - I certainly have.

Look forward to reading your posts.



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Good for you, Welcome to this site. There can NEVER be to much experience on one site, I look forward to gaining some from you as I have done from so many on here.



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Different experiences and backgrounds are always welcome.

You'll not get me there anytime soon I'm afraid - but happy to hear all about it from others.
Adoption of Young Stalkers

243varmint said:
bobt said:
Can you adopt me? :lol:
Me too :D :D
Good to have you on board
Look forward to reading about you hunting experiences
Sure I can consider adoption, provided you are good material to start with: :) (1) Must know how to quickly open and close farm gates. (2) Must have excellent eyesight to spot game at great distances or when standing obscured in thick bush. (3) Must be eager to help with de-gutting, carrying and then skinning hunted animals. (4) Must love cleaning rifles and shotguns after being used by others........ There is quite a list, but these will sure sort out the masses into a "first shortlist" to consider for adoption. ;)

Just BTW a Scottish hunting friend, who was a Professional Deerstalker, talks of "grollocking" What is the correct spelling? Where does the word come from?

In good hunting.



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Gralloching from the Gaelic word greallach meaning entrails,intestines.
As a rock spider :) :) you should be able to pronounce the ch correctly The whole word is fairly guttural.
morena said:
Gralloching from the Gaelic word greallach meaning entrails,intestines.
As a rock spider :) :) you should be able to pronounce the ch correctly The whole word is fairly guttural.
Thanks morena for the correct spelling and explanation. Yes, the way Peter pronounced it is vary similar to what a South african would do if he never heard the word and tried to pronounce it from the spelling.

Thanks very much also reminding me about my background. :lol: Many years ago, something like in 1955 or so I may have felt offended, now it just brings a smile. :???: In those long ago days the English vs. Afrikaans feeling was still something to consider. Thanks you've made my day! :lol: :lol:

In good hunting.

Andrew McLaren