I think I'm on a roll.............................


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I woke up early this morning(0530hrs)and,usually I would of just rolled over and gone back to sleep,but,I was just too awake,so,I decided to pop over the valley and see if I could bump into a Deer.I was up and ready in minutes,and,set off on the 1 mile trek....now I can hear you all saying I wish I had stalking that close,and,I agree,but,even that close it is a struggle to get one back....even a Muntjac.But,I felt good and I was like a yomping para,and,was there in no time at all.I knew where I was going,and,it is to a sort of hide that I use,it is really an old oil tank with a tractor front loader rested up against it..........

I get inbetween the arms of the loader,and,I can see all of one field and a part of the next out to about 180yds.........

it'll do until I build a new highseat,and,the timber came today so very soon.I was watching the area of woodland that the deer usually emerge from,and,I almost missed the Roe Doe as she came straight down from the wood on the far side,she was on a bit of a mission,and hardly broke her stride,so,I gave a bark,and,she dutifully put the breaks on,and,as she did I let a 100grainer go Roe bound.It was a perfect shot(even if I say so myself)and,she twitched once,and,that was it.I waited for another half an hour,and,then I went over to gralloch the Roe..............

It was still only 0730hrs so I decided to go for a stalk for another Deer or maybe a Fox.I went through to the next field that has a Xmas tree plantation on it,and,at the top is a belt of brambles with a clearing above,and,as I peered around to take a look,another Roe Doe was looking straight at me,and,she spooked immediately,and,slipped into the brambles and away.I climbed the fence into the next field where I have seen a fox lately,the land is on the side of the valley and it has large undulations all along it,and,there are lots of places that they can hide,so I crept around sure that there would be something around the next corner/undulation.I crossed two fields that are almost identical,and saw nothing.But,as I decided it was probably time to head back I saw something move behind the branches of a large Ash tree on the slope............

It was the unmistakeble shape of a Buck Muntjac,so,I dropped to the ground,and,waited for him to get into a position for me to take a shot.He wasn't in any hurry,but,he finally got to a place where there was a break in the branches,just enough to squeeze a bullet through.I was just going to take the shot,when another Buck came into view,so,I waited for him to settle a bit closer to the first uck,and,then I head shot him,he went straight down,not even a quiver,and,the other Buck ran off and into the wood.I waited and seconds later he came back to the edge of the wood and barked a few times,and,was waiting for his mate to get up.I was feeling very confident,so,I took him as well,the first shot was about 150yds and the second was 200yds,so,I was justifiably chuffed with both shots,so,I went up and gralloched them......


and,it was then it dawned on me...........now I have to get them home :raised ey: .....Anyway I strung them over my shoulder and made my way back to where I hoped the Market Gardener would be,luckily,he was,and,after he come to terms with the fact that I had got two Muntjac,I let him know about the Roe Doe up in the other field,he was over the moon.He said that the people that used to shoot there,hardly ever shot anything.I said,well I will try to keep it up,as he is getting an awful lot of crop damage,especially from the Muntjac.He asked me how I was going to get them home,and,then offered the services of his good lady.....No Shaine,get your mind out of the gutter!She drove me round to home,and,there ended a VERY GOOD DAY for me.Thank you for taking the time to read this short tome,and,get ready for the next edition........coming soon to a forum near you!!!
End of day pic back at 'Chez re'M'ington'...............


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A Bl**dy good Roll re'M'ington
Roe with leeks ,all you need is the tatties and red wine Gravy what a
meal :)
Now what to do with the Munties :lol: :lol: :lol:


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well done martin thats what i would call a very good morning out, well worth getting out of the fart sack. ;)