I thought you needed to be Rambo to do this.


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Fair bit of flex in it when you look at the slow motion footage......much more than I'd expected


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I'd throw my back out picking that thing up, though he does mention that the weight keeps it steady, inertia etc fair play to the guy.

And as always, have nice day


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I was an acquaintance of the guy in charge of the Armory on the Navy Base my Ex was stationed at and I happened to be at the range when they were airing out an M-14 and an M-60. I repaired a S&W revolver that belonged to one of the Security guys and they let me hang around. Tho outdated, they are a real machine. Some years later I was in the Security armory of an Air Force base and they had four M-60's still in the grease they'd received from another branch of the Armed Forces. Never got to see those fire though.~Muir