I wish I'd never sold that!


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Just for fun I thought I'd see which rifle you sold that you immediately regretted parting with.

Mine was a Southern Gun Company Speedmaster in .223 with a 1-9 twist tube. Shot 73gn Bergers into a single hole and was very comfortable indeed to shoot. I loved fixing with it but was always concerned with its military appearance.

Anyway, how about you guys?


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tikka 595 in 6mmbr built by Brock and Norris.

shot no better than the one I Have now, but it was a tad shorter and it just felt so Google,

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BSA CF2 in 30-06. Bought it unfired ( except for blanks ) from Bapty and Co for 100 quid. Used it for many seasons mainly on reds but a good number of fallow too. No rational explanation why I got rid.


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Mannlicher Professional in .270 Win
Sako 75 in .222 Rem
Westley Richards in .275 Rigby
Sako 85 VLSF in .243 Win (Not really sold as it was an Estate rifle but I miss it)
687 EELL 20g
687 Sp3 Sporter 12g

Basically nearly every firearm I've ever sold! Been a few that I've been happy to see go though.


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All the guns I've ever owned I've still got, but really do wish I hadn't sold my first fishing boat. Seemed the right thing to do at the time, as I needed a bigger one, but then I had to stand by and watch the old one smashed to pieces in a gale after the pillock who bought it failed to moor it properly. If I can ever afford it I'll have another one built exactly the same.


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Mine was my first c/f, a tikka t3 .243, bloody accurate light and just a bloody good rifle. But stopped using it.
Exactly this. I still stalk with the guy I sold it to, so I get to say hello from time to time.

I've sold a couple that I regretted soon after (especially a Sako 75 in .222), but now realise they weren't that special and probably wouldn't be getting used.

I very nearly sold a beautiful Heym in .308, but came to my senses at the last moment. A salutory experience about rushing a decision...


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Sako Finnwolf underlever in 308 - I got a good price which went towards a .22 benchrest rifle, however it was my first rifle and was accurate as and accurate thing! It knocked a hole in my Sako collection

Harry mac

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A full service length Martini Enfield converted by WW Greener to .22LR for The Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs.
A heavy old lump, but it could put bullet on bullet at 25m with Eley Club.

alberta boy

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A late model Winchester High Wall in 30/40 Krag , a mint Lee Speed , a take down Winchester 1886 in 45/70 , a number of pre-64 Winchester model 70's and a lot more than I care to remember ......... and I gave my Parker Hale Deluxe Sporter , based on a Long Branch No 4 Mark 2 , to a young broke friend of mine this past weekend . He needed it more than I do .......... that one I'll miss .



A Sako ss laminate 75 in 243, I used to reload for it and the very first load I made was the very best round I ever found , bit of luck , had a lot of fun with that rifle. Wish I still had it.


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I sold the same rifle twice & never should have. I was younger then & following fashion without enough dosh behind me to keep a good rifle sitting in the cabinet.
The rifle was a Mannlicher Schoenauer M1903 (6.5x54) stutzen.
It was a lovely rifle and shot extremely well.
Sold to a friend and later swapped back to me in exchange for a Dan Wesson .445 Supermag revolver. I'd had parts of that gold plated & decided it looked like a 'pimps' gun.
My friend liked it and we swapped so I had the MSch back.
A couple of years later I sold it again to buy a Gretsch Duo Jet guitar.
I should never have parted with the MSch.
Crying in my beer now! :cry:


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A 1912 SMLE Mk III in excellent condition, volley sight, windage adjustment on the rear sight, magazine cut off etc. that had a new barrel fitted in 1941, and was accurate.

Sold because at the time I thought "I needed the space in the gun box" - not even a good excuse. I wish I had bought a bigger house.

Hales Smut

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Custom 300 Win Mag on a Sako action ( probably Finnbear) and a Delcour barrel. Very nice walnut stock, german claw hook mout and Swarovski 1,5-6x42.
Was very heavy, the reason I sold it. Still regret it.


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Mint Belgian SA-22
Winchester 9422
FN Trombone
Colt Woodsman (I box, with 2 mags and paper work)
S&W 17 .22lr with 6" barrel, target hammer and trigger - Original box and paperwork
S&W25 in 45 Colt. - Limited edition with box and paperwork
Sig P226 9mm

All sold due to this country's poorly thought out laws and administration of licensing laws by UK Police.