I wish I'd never sold that!


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A BRNO 600 in 270 , with its Zeiss Jena 4x post scope .Very accurate rifle with a scope that once set could never be knocked off .


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1960's Husqvarna 9.3 X 62, 1972 L61R Finnbear 7 x 64, Carl Gustav 7 x 57, Sako L579 HB Varm 22/250 & a Shultz & Larsen 22/250, 1956 Brno Mod 1 22LR, divorces are costly in more ways than one.



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There are two ... ... ...

  1. A 6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schönauer take-down in very good condition which had been fitted with Sühler Einhakmontage (claw mount) and Schmidt & Bender 4x36 scope. This rifle was a real sleeper, it had spent much of its life in the gunroom of a highland estate, but not much time on the hill. This lovely little rifle even had a five-piece cleaning rod under the butt-trap, a rarity with M-S rifles.
  2. A custom stalking rifle in 7x64mm by I F Thompson of Cromarty. This lovely rifle was built on a Musgrave M90 action with Ferlach hammer-forged barrel, high-grade stock, engraved floorplate, very clever custome scope mounts, 4-12x42 S&B scope and even a set of detachable return-to-zero fully adjustable iron sights.