i wood like too know about antlers

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I am fairly knew to deer stalking & to learn more i have got hold of a DSC level 1 guide just to read & learn more for the moment being. But when reading about antlers on red stags there is about six or so names for each indivigual pieace on each antler, & i cant quite work out what pieace is called what. There is no picture of a diagram to identify the name. I was wondering if any body new a web site, cd, or book to learn from. All help is greatly thank full.


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page 148 of The Natural History of Deer by Roy Putman

ISBN 0-7470-2603-3 publishers - Helm

(It's a very very good book)



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The Natural History of Deer is out of print, but If you stumble across a copy, buy it.

Also other good books are:

Trees and Deer by Richard Prior;
ISBN 0-7134-4147-X

Deer Stalking in Britian by Micheal Brander;
ISBN 0-948253-05-3

Practical Deer Stalking by G Kenneth Whithead;
ISBN 0-09-466840-X

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