I worry about kids today

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Just got back from last min dropping cards etc at friends, on the way back as we hadnt eaten all day we called at Pizza hut near the cinema, on the next table there was 4 15 -17 yr olds, as the bill came to £45 they decided it was a tenner each, "er no we havent got enough here" said the gobby bird now holding the cash, so using a phone with a calculater on they had another go, :(
"now I have £18.75 too much " she said.
she gave each one back a fiver forgetting to take a fiver herself, and it seemed to add up :rolleyes:


Hi all i had the same sort of thing the other day ,i went in too a shop for three or four items and was told the tills were down looking a bit puzzled. I asked what the problem was just add up the money and put it in a tin until the tills started to work, to my surprise i was told the tills were not the problem it was the girls in the shop could not add up the money on paper or in thier heads so they then decided to tell every one not to buy anything . What hapened to the three RS. p,s merry christmas every one beardy :rolleyes:
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