Ici nobel powder # 1 and # 2

pete evans

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My uncle just gave me a pound of each of these powders in sealed tins. I have established loads with h4895 for my rifles so not in a hurry to use them. Does anyone that uses these wants to swap for 4895?


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Note, these have to be 25 years or more old (rectangular steel grey painted tins - older still if in cubic dark green tins).


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If stored correctly - no use by date . Nobel ( ici) made pistol powder and rifle powder , I opened a tin of pp3 and it was in perfect condition , used it for fireforming cases .If it's been opened or stored incorrectly have a smell of it , if there is a strong acid smell examine the grains , if uniformly grey it should be ok , if some grains are powdery then it should be used as fertiliser on the garden.


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I was given 3 pounds of Nobel Rifle No3 it shoots ok in my .222 and I have the same amount of Rifle No 0 not tried that yet one open can smells ok
It's very good powder I burned up a lot of it when it was readily available, the local ammo company load all it's ammo with it.