ID this motorbike/help required.

Leica Amplus 6

John Gryphon

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Snapped these pics in Saigon earlier this year and was hoping to have it`s ID known.Some have suggested 'this and that' in surmising but surely someone would know.Thanks.




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Looking at the engine I would say its aa early bmw as for what model I couldnt say not alot of help but hay its a star


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looks similar to the ural ,russian but alot looked similar as they were german copies of the r71 we used to have the nevills built in hornsea but they usually blew up due to inproper manufactured parts, atb wayne

paul o'

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not sure its a bmw not sure its a ural ,forks are wrong and unlike a ww2 zundap as thay were more like a greeves but wider tyre and mud guard think its a heinz! and thay had two seats and the heads bolts look wrong, also think thay had hydrolic brakes not a drum but on the good side in your picture it do's say Ural on the mud flap :doh: :rofl:
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ndt man

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loos like the ural Cossack used to see a few back in the 1970 s mostly on the side of the road broken down.

Hornet 6

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Ok and thanks fella`s for your input.I havent seen one in Oz at all.

They were imported to Australia under the Cossack Badge.
Not sure how many made it or in what time froma, but there are a few modern ones featured in "Ride Reports" around Australia on ADVRider Forum.

Neil. :)
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