Ideal reloading kit


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Having read a couple of books and chatted to some friends I fancy loading my own 270 and 223 ammo, so question is, what would be the ideal setup needed to reload for personal use?

To start with I think electronic scales but apart from that I havnt a clue....

What do I need and which makers equipment is considered superior for the individual parts required?

Im not too bothered about buying the cheapest as I intend to buy just the once, hence my posting.

As always thanks for advice,

Regards WB


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I would go for a quality cast iron single stage press a la RCBS rock chucker or possibly a forster co ax, a quality beam scale like an RCBS 505 or 1010, some sort of powder measure and a Targetmaster trickler. I think this gives a better combination of speed and accuracy than the auto dispensing digital scales. Add to that Redding or Forster dies, ideally with neck bushings and micrometer top on the seating dies and you will have a nice setup. For case trimming the Wilson is really good and not overly expensive. For a case neck chamfer tool the RCBS, redding, forster are all ok but the Lee one is rubbish. Priming can be done on the press or with a hand priming tool like a Lee Autoprime. Don't forget a good dial calliper which is essential and a comparator which is a nice to have item. Lubricating cases is best with imperial sizing wax. I'm sure I will have forgotten something but that is what I would buy.