identifying & ageing bucks in velvet

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Offroad Gary

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what sort of antlers would i expect to see on a buck kid/yearling at this time of year??

I’m seeing a few more roe at the moment up on my ground, bucks in velvet with antlers up to about 8 inches tall with definite multiple points which are hanging about with the family groups.
Are these likely to be last years kids/this years yearlings which have developed good heads early, or are they more mature animals?

there are a few groups where the kids have no antlers, but look like bucks and does (different back ends), but i'm getting a bit confused now?



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I think any buck with 8 inches of growth at this time of the year is likely to be mature. I was out it the binoculars the other day and saw an animal that I know is a kid and he had two inch stumps. I think this is the norm for yearlings, athough a lot is to do with feeding etc.

At range it is often hard to see these little bumps/buttons, especially if the animal is side on as the ears often get in the way.

The mature animals are often totally shed by early April, but I have shot yearlings still in velvet in mid May, they are quite a long way behind!


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