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Just come to the end of a prolonged cleaning session getting a few barrels de coppered, (one readied for Barnes X), I put a spare defunct calibre bullet in a small amount of patch out to try to observe any chemical action ... within seconds the fine coating of oxide was turning pinkish (I usually attribute this to an acid application), I also noted that as the bullet was lying half in & half out of the solution, the submerged portion was apparently unaffected :eek:, the portion wetted but in open atmosphere was rapidly turning blue & the blue was running off ... conclusion is that wipeout patchout needs to be used as a surface wetting treatment & would be ineffective if you filled a bore & plugged it, so if the bore was sluiced through with a patch a few times, a good amount would pool in the lower section of the barrel & would be in a situation of being without contact to the air, your thoughts?:popcorn: & yes I do have time on my hands!:D

paul o'

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Have done this too test what barrel solvents work the best for me , so I flood tested my old sako 85 to test if Bore tech worked better than what I had been using that being Kg for years and it proved to me the barrel was still fowled with copper , it was still to be seen in the tray even though I had cleaned it and patched it till all the copper had gone ? but I then had a barrel that I needed to shoot as it liked to be dirty to shoot at its best three rounds and it was back on lol. I now only use Bore tech