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Sold: Idleback Combo Shooting chair Unused

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Idleback Standard Combo Chair with Round Seat

Bought new for £346 (Have Receipt)Opened and checked in Patio,then stored but now not going to be used.
It appears Idleback have broadened the range since I bought mine, and have reduced the prices,hence I have also reduced mine.
Save your self around £40
Delivered to Mainland U.K

Pictures can be seen by going on to this Manufacturers website. www.idleback.co.uk
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Hornet 6

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So same as last year then.
To be honest I quite fancy one, but I'm not going to save just £40 and get a second hand one with no warranty.
I suspect many feel the same way.

Neil. :)


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To answer that question honestly, I don't know although I do have all the paperwork, but alas it does not have the answer.
I have never used the chair,but I am sure the manufacturers will give you the correct information here is the contact number 01709837906

Uncle Norm

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How do you quickly adjust for height to shoot at different ranges?
The actual rest (cup) that the rifle sits in will tilt. I have owned one of these seats for about three years. The tilt is controlled by a friction fit (how tight the nut is) and can be moved sufficiently to accommodate anything from fifty to two hundred yards or more.

I use mine for sitting at ride junctions, waiting for Muntjac to cross. I have never needed any other adjustment than tilting the rest. I shoot at up to a hundred and fifty yards with no problem. It is however most stable if one can get an elbow against something, such as a low branch or tree trunk.

The actual arm that the rifle rest is on, can be easily adjusted by one hand-nut but I would doubt one would be able to do so quickly enough for a deer crossing a ride. However, in my experience, such an adjustment is unlikely to be necessary.

The seat is comfortable, very well made and weighs about seven kgs. A strap to carry it on the shoulder is included.
I hope this helps.
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