If Picasso made a big game rifle…

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Heym SR20

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If you look at a Picasso painting of a woman, you know it’s a beautiful woman but it doesn’t actually look like any woman that you have seen before.

Well I think these two Claude Bauchet Double rifles fall into the same vein. They are beautifully made, but also beautifully weird.



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Beautiful and ugly at the same time. Kind of like my stepdaughter.
Or, as my grandson once said "She's not pretty. She just has lots of makeup on."


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Nobody would fail to admire the skill involved in their building but the decoration on both is totally devoid of taste, Simply hideous, what were they thinking of. :cuckoo:
I would also say why spend so much money on a rifle and chamber it for a run of the mill cartridge like .458win, if your going to that much trouble chamber it in something a bit special or classic.


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You would certainly need a gun bearer if you actually wanted to use them. Beautifully made but presumably an excercise in what can be achieved if you don't worry about the appearance of the end result

alberta boy

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While I can appreciate the workmanship that went into them , they're not my thing . A Rigby Rising Bite chambered in something large is my thing ........... or it would be if I wasn't a peasant and could afford one .
They're just a bit much , if you know what I mean .



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Awful. Ghastly. Form should follow function. In all the most enduring gun designs it does. From a Holland & Holland double rifle to a Colt 1911 .45 ACP to a BSA break barrel air rifle or even a modest Greener GP there's nothing in either isn't unnecessary that doesn't perform a function. This thing is just a Frankenstein gun. It's awful.
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