I'll donate £5.00 to a charity of your choice....


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.....if you guess how much I have just been charged for one box of Norma Oryx 7x57 ammunition. Nearest guess by 6pm tomorrow wins.


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I pay £49 a box for 6.5x55 Norma Vulkans.. The Oryx at around the same price and I would expect 7x57 will be more
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I can get that in the USA for $52 a box. So, assuming exchange rate of $1.3:£1 and taking into account that you pay 1.5X what we do for almost anything sporting, plus another wad for VAT my guess is £75


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I miss read it and thought it was £500 donated I thought blimey fair play then I re read it as £5,00 :)

£78 is my guess