I'm a Klutz - I don't understand MOA!


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Please help...but bear in mind I was pants at maths at school (and that was quite a few years ago!)


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1 MOA = 1/60 of a degree

Therefore using trig

We can calculate the answer using

X multiplied by Tan (Angle in degrees)

76 x Tan (32) = 47

So in our case

X = 3600 (100) yards and the Angle is 1/60th of 1 degree this will give you the answer in inches.

3600 x Tan (1/60) = 1.05 inches

or use this formula in excel


Where C9 is Distance in yards and A11 is MOA

or for the metric


Where C9 is Distance in metres and A11 is MOA answer will be in mm