I'm off

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Well lads and lasses i am off today stalking in scotland hopefully get a result this year as last year was a wash out with the foot and mouth outbreak. :cry:
will let you know how i got on when i get back ;) :D

Nick Gordon

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Bring plenty of anti midge cream - the rain we've had over the last two days will bring the wee b**ggers out in their millions.

A report and pics on your return will be appreciated by all.

God luck and good hunting :)



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I hope yourself and the O/H have a really good time and I look forward to reading your article on your return. Have fun and don't drink too much! :D


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Good luck to both yourself and Moneynut, hope the weather is kind to you both and you strike lucky. Let us know how you get on when you return.

Cheers ;)


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Sorry no racey pics but a few dirty ones ( me covered in mud ) :lol: :lol:
the best thing about being on this shoot is there is no one around for miles so you can strip off and wash in the burn to keep fresh . 8)
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