I'm Out Of Season Ha Ha Ha


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I was out last night with the .22 and my .243 for bunnies and foxes. We went through a barley field and saw a Doe less than 70m away, she was totally oblivious to us being there and slowly went down the track at the edge of the field.
We followed here down, with no problem, she was not bothered about us being there.

She went throught the hedge and we lost her but it was nice to see in a beautiful evening with the sun beating down.

We continued down the edge to where she went through, no sign of her. Then a Buck and the Doe got up from the field, just revealing their heads and bolted, the Buck was stunning. He went one way, she went the other.

After a short look around, we couldn't see the Buck, he would have had the "Good News" if he gave the chance...No sign, so we headed back up the field.

Walking up the original track we had just come down, and disturbed the Doe, not 60m she was sat in the middle of the track, not bothered again by us, couldn't get over this. I got the camera out and walked towards her. Got to about 45m and still not moving. Pressed record and got her on video.

If you have your volume on you can hear me squeek and whistle. She gets up and STILL isnt bothered, stops for a couple of times, giving a perfect shot HAD SHE BEEN IN SEASON then just walks slowly up the track.

Why coudn't this have been the Buck...He would have had the "Home Load Surprise"...

Hopefully it's worked.


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Well done TJ, had that been the buck you could have given him a present of one of your homeloads. If I am not mistaken, which if I am not it will be a rare thing, but I think this is the first video link on this site.


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I was similarly surprised a few years ago.

I shot a buck that was in the company of a doe. I had shot it in the hedge next to a field of long grass. I gralloched it and then, as I dragged it along the hedge back to the car, I'd barely gone 50 yards when I came upon the doe lying up in the grass. She seemed quite unconcerned and was reluctant to leave, looking back several times as she ambled away.

It might have been that she was waiting for the buck, I don't really know.


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The first 'movie' on the site, that's great! I'll have to learn how to do that now. I've only just got my head around ordinary pictures:confused:
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