Import paperwork and taxes


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Anyone who’s hunted Africa will know the financial implications of having your treasured trophies shipped back to the U.K., import papers, tax, general fees for just about every imaginable thing possible.


when I got my stuff back from Namibia one of my skulls was smashed, I emailed the companies involved and they agreed to send a replacement skull to mount the horns on.
Imagine my surprise when said skull arrived, just another cardboard box, no paperwork, no stamps for import, no receipts for veterinary inspections etc, just straight to my door via ups in Germany....

makes you wonder just just how much of the shipping costs are actually genuine or just money grabbing by the various agencies...... cynical, me, never.:fib:


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I heard of someone bringing a trophy through in their luggage no paper work no probs:doh:


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Then those are curios, not trophies. Same as what you can purchase at the airport.

Trophies are untanned, usually just dipped, and are required to be inspected. Even mounts need inspection.