Importing dies and cases - problems?


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Hi All,

I ordered an RCBS 12 gauge die set and 50 magtech cases from Huntingdon's over Christmas. According to tracking details they arrived in the UK on the 2nd of Jan. I forgot about them for a while and today got around to contacting parcel force. They said they had been impounded by customs and I was given the UK border force number, which is open between 10 and 2pm, so I will not speak to them until until tomorrow.
Has any one had this happen or dealt with them before or any advice etc. I believed it was ok to import these?

Regards - Karamoja


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Be ready to be renditioned to some country where they have no human rights, if they ask you, do you have any requests, ask for a ennima , this is nothing to what would have happened to you if you had imported a 4x40 scope, mind you at least the sun is shinning in Cuba.


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I never had any problem at all receiving my comp. die set from Huntingtons. Posted in the US & came straight to me here in UK.


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Import Duty VAT and a parcelforce additional payment {extortion money}, basically They pay the taxman his duty and then levy you with a rather large charge for doing so, apparently the govmnt allows this to be done As long as they get your money a feckin scandal if i say so myself, I even asked an American Company to put a rather large message on front of parcel That i and only I would pay the duty on said parcel BUT parcelforce again paid for it and claimed 13 quid for the privilege of them doing so......without my consent. Needless to say i had to pay or try and take them to a small claims court and still await receipt of the goods..Scandal..
My wee mate bought something from America and it was only 8 quid but had to pay 3 quid for duty and 7 quid to parcelforce, The Rich get richer and the poor get bent over!!!!


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There are two separate issues and possible causes at play here. One is that mentioned in earlier posts of a delay that may be up to a couple of or maybe three weeks while HMRC and Parcelforce International process the ways in which they legally rob you.

However, when the word 'impound' is used, that usually means just that. I've heard of a few examples of people having shipments including dies held by Customs until they're satisfied the consignee has an FAC and a legitimate use. I don't know what their basis in law is as one can legally buy brass and dies in any gunshop without having an FAC or variation for the calibre. I suspect a lot depends on how the contents are declared to Customs by the consignor. 'Ammunition components' or 'ammunition loading tools' might well trigger this, or maybe HMRC's computers pick out the consignor's name from lists of firearms industry and components suppliers.

Nobody will say anything as to 'Why?', but one doesn't have to believe in conspiracy theories to guess this might have something to do with concerns about so-called lone wolf or small group jihadists tooling up for gun attacks as per Paris or Mumbai.


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I had 250 x 35 Whelen cases & 35 die set shipped over with no issues ... Hopefully it's just a little bit of import tax to pay good luck....


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Thanks all - no one seems to know what's going on! I started a formal complaint with parcel force and got an automated email back saying they were busy and would be in touch soon!!!! Unbelievable, it just beggars belief!
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Contact Roy Smiles ( 01642 364333) at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills. Ask him to confirm if the items you are importing are restricted for import. He will send you a letter stating they are not restricted which you can then use as evidence to get the items released.