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Many years ago a member of the cast bullet shooting fraternity published an article in the Journal of the Cast Bullet Association about an electronic deplating unit for taking copper out of rifle barrels. It involved a "D" cell battery, a 0-100 MA meter, some wire, two alligator clips, two corks, to small pieces of shrink wrap for electrical wiring, and a piece of steel welding rod. The medium was 5% household ammonia. I think I built the entire unit for $50 with the 0-100MA panel meter being the greatest expense.

This unit will remove 100 years of metallic fouling from a rifle in about 30 minutes. A polished steel welding rod will come out plated with copper removed from the barrel. It worked so well that RCBS threatened the author of the article with a law suit over patent infringements on their "Foul Out" unit -which was nonsense- but in the next issue there was a plea not to make this unit.

Anyhow, for 40 years this has been the only method I have used for removing copper from a rifle barrel when I want it seriously gone, as in prepping for cast bullet shooting. ~Muir