Impressive front points.

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A friend shot this one yesterday, I don't think I've seen one with such impressive front points.......


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It's not mine unfortunately. Is it worth getting measured? I can suggest it to my friend.


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I shot one similar two years ago. Not quite as thick. Dont see to many like it round my way. It may go bronze difficult to tell without knowing the weight. Nice buck though defiantly worthy of wall space.




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To be honest, I've never seen one like it in the area I shoot. It was taken less than two miles away from my patch in Hampshire. One of those tricky bucks that lies up in a safe area all year round, very secretive, only coming out for the rut before hiding away again.
He had been seen and left for two years now and in fact my friend clean missed him on Sunday night with a touch of the buck fever. He rang me shortly afterwards full of expletives and disbelief at himself. He waited up yesterday evening (Monday) and managed to take him at the second time of asking.
A memorable head for him no doubt.
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