Improvements to Pulsar Forward DFA75 - Pics and Video

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Hello all,

As you know Pulsar have implemented a product enhancement program to the new Pulsar Forward DFA75 Front Mounted Digital Night Vision Riflescope Add-On and we recieved the new models into stock today, and have sold half the delivery already!

Here are some of the highlights of the changes and a little video showing the new menu.

Pulsar Forward DFA75 with new weaver side accessory rail, ideal for the NM800IR attachment!


Using the fantastic Night Master NM800IR adjustable mount, you can align the IR beam pattern perfectly with your optics.

Pulsar Covert detachable IR still supplied, and is fully covert. The NM800IR however offers a vast performance improvement.

Pulsar have added a lens cap which was badly needed on the DFA75

Re-engineered Quick Release mechanism which although we had to fight to get it to lock in place first time, is considerably improved!
Be prepared for the first time you fit to have to give it a bit of pressure to snap in place.

And the biggest upgrade is the menu system which this short video demonstrates and the new distance selector makes set up considerably easier.

The menu on the first design could become obscured on some magnifications which meant you could not see part of the functions, or indeed see which mode you were in.

A software enhancement redesigned the menu system which will now work on most scopes with a minimum mag of 2x to 7x.

You can also watch Byron Pace's set up guide on the Pulsar Forward as seen on The Shooting Show TV here.

You can read the Pulsar press release detailing the changes here.
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