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Would quite like to brighten up my plain silver Defender DC with a tasteful outdoor/wildlife theme. In a manner of course that won’t upset Red-Dot please so all ideas welcome but midful the rules are:

  1. NO camo patterns
  2. NO crosshairs
  3. NO anthropomorphic inspired murals of cute wildlife
  4. NO logos such as “Blaser Kicks Butt”!




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Last week edition of Shooting Times magazine has some exceptional art from wildlife artists.
Worth a look as the were of a tasteful manner.



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Anything that will cover a SILVER Defender would pass my scrutineering even Realtree!!
Just kidding but i seen a new Defender that had been wrapped in matte black and it looked superb. Peel it off and there is a fresh car underneath. No images of dead foxes mind?
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Go to one of the many body wrap companies (they do sky vans & the like) & see what they have my m8 had his wrapped in a real picture of a woodland he had and they printed it to go all round his truck looked AWSOME (sold it then for £3000 profit) great for shooting, so if you have a pic you like take it in they will show you what it will look like on the computer & you can decide.


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Covering a defender!
Soil, lots of soil
1) dig big hole
2) put defender in hole
3) cover with soil
4) stick in a cross R.I.P.
You know it's for the best in the long run
Option 2, put a Toyota badge on it but your only kidding yourself


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1. Wrap it in zebra stripes and pretend you're on a 60's safari.
2. Take a photo of your garage door, blow it up, transfer it onto the back, park on the drive and see if anyone drives into it.
3. There's a plumber's van I see occasionally with a picture of someone on the toilet on the door, with the head and shoulders provided by the driver.
4. However, unless you want it green, I would go with the above suggestion, endorsed by the Rolling Stones, paint it black.

Silly suggestions apart, such things are very personal, but I hope you get some good ideas.

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Saw this last night..

It was a snakeskin effect. Cant think of the right word but it was actually lumpy like a snakes skin. Looked amazing.

IMG_1809.jpg IMG_1812.png


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I used to have a "Good old Landy" in a very rare woodcote green (look it up) but never got round to having a trophy of each species of deer on each panel?....

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LOL don't know about a log book ,think if it ever got nicked reporting it to the oldbill :rofl: stick with the turf and maybe a small pond on the bonnet for the ducks in september :evil:
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