In praise of top end optics


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Over the last few weeks I had a couple of evening ambushs for foxs on our chicken farms and 3 foxs have been removed. On Monday eve I was out after another fox and had the ambush set, good postion staked out smelly rabbit and caller adjacent to a chicken enclosure.

The thermal is a god send and was all set up with .204 and my trusty 8x32 electro point scope. At 9.10 pm a fox duly arrived easy with the spotter but i just couldn't see enough of it through the scope, there was a bit of flare due to the positioning in relation to the western orientation. Foxy ignored the rabbit and went arrond the other side and vanished. Hens were shut up at 9.15pm. At 9.30 pm anther fox turned up and went to within 10 ft of the bait easy with the thermal but invisible on the scope, scope mounted torch on and it fled like a scalded cat.

Tuesday evening re run, this time dead hen as bait but .243 with Zeiss Diavari

8.50pm fox arrived, came up track whilst I watched it through the scope it stopped to scent mark and it collided with a 87 v max.

Nothing for ages but at 9.15 pm I spot another fox coming in on the thermal it runs up to the bait, fortunately I can just make it out through the Zeiss and dot of death went on its chest and game over.

First fox was a big dog, the second a tiny dry vixen.

Later on I was joined by mate with .204 and NV. We saw another 6 foxs on our travels and got another big dog fox.

The Optima is a good scope (£250 S/H) the Zeiss is just that little better at last light (£2000) saying that Photon would have been the answer and accounted for the 150yd fox later on.



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I remember when I first started ....bought my brothers model L mannlicher in .243 ......but he kept scope , a Schmidt & Bender ....I was desperate to get going ...thought bout a cheap scope as money was tight .....he went bat sh7t crazy no no !
If you can't see it , can't shoot it ... so I duly ordered an 8x 56 Hungarian as they were new on the go ...
So whilst waiting for it ...he takes me out ...watching a beast ...but he brought a cheap Scope ( not mounted) me to look at a beast at last light ...could make out body shape ...couldn't tell sex , couldn't see shoulder line etc, just a blob .
Now,look thru the S&B he says .....
Well duck me pink roll me in dog shit3 & call me Shirley !
It was amazing , like clock had gone back 45 minutes light wise ..
Could see outline and shoulder line & different shades where summer coat coming in
Could see if doe or buck ....
That's what sold it for me

You might have best stereo in the world but if you have crap speakers it's useless .

Spend what you can possibly afford on optics ... often paying for top class warranty as well .

Buy reputable



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Too true, I well remeber when I got my Leica bins, I could see a fox at dusk but couldn't see it through the scope.

Very frustrating